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H-Ion Solar Inc.

6095 Monterey Avenue
Richmond, California 94805 U.S.A.

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About H-Ion Solar Inc.
A California Corporation Specializing in Direct Solar Water-splitting and Direct Solar Carbon Dioxide reduction for Solar Fuels Production
Originally formed in 1983 as a sole proprietorship by Walter Pyle,  and in 1998 incorporated as H-Ion Solar Inc. of Contra Costa County, California, we continue to expand our pioneering research, technical consulting, and product development. We are committed to making a difference for the environment, producing renewable and sustainable energy, designing and improving practical solar systems and small scale hydrogen and oxygen technology.   We are located between the incorporated cities of Berkeley and Richmond, California, overlooking San Francisco Bay.
About our Products and Services
Technical services in the fields of electrical, mechanical, chemical, and computer engineering
Prototype manufacturing
Our solar illumination systems using concentrators and fiber-optics
General Electrical Contracting (California C10 License #775650)
Our own products for obtaining and using hydrogen fuel
A flow indicator and water-scrubber (Double-Bubbler®) for hydrogen or oxygen produced by electrolysis
A hydrogen gas cooking grill (Hydro-Que®)
Basic research on the Photo-separatory Nozzle [for production of hydrogen and oxygen from water]
Publications about small-scale hydrogen technology for magazines and technical society publications.

About the H-Ion Solar Inc. Team
The people on our team have a wide variety of technical skills, including engineering, manufacturing, basic and applied research, instrumentation, electrical contracting, pattern making, design, drafting, product development, and computer programming.
Officers of the Corporation include:
Walter R. PyleC.E.O. and Director of Research
Mark H. HayesDirector of New Business Development
Lou PeshetteDirector of Manufacturing
Gloria RandriakotoDirector of Facilities

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